a letter to our clients

February 20th, 2020

Current and Future Clients,

When I first started working in the concrete restoration trade it was for one reason. Straight out of high school I moved into my first rental and bills were coming in fast and steady. I picked concrete repair because the best paying jobs are often the; dirtiest, loudest, most physically demanding ones around. 8-10 hours a day of jack-hammering in a dark parkade in a small enclosure fit that bill. Surrounded by dust, rubble, slurry, all while sweating profusely in a t-shirt while its snowing outside. Without strong leadership, someone in that position doesn't last long, and I was no exception, walking off the job after a few months. At 17 years old the bills aren't that large.

Fast forward a year, with a soon to be 1 year old daughter the bills started getting a bit bigger. I called my father, who at that time already had 25 years under his belt in a industry where I had only lasted a few months.


When my age was still single digit, my father would take me to work with him on the weekend, to follow with a floor magnet while he was running a shot-blaster. My father who would take me to work on my seasonal elementary school breaks to help him watch an injection pump and pay me out of his own wages. By high school I managed to get a couple of real paychecks for watching that pump.  Well, I called him first to ask if he thought I could get my job back. 

Then comes the next call, that leads to; When can you start? "Next week Tuesday" Why Tuesday? "Monday is Canada Day" Doesn't matter, we work everyday, its summer. I should've turned and ran right there. Instead I chose hard work, chose providing for a family, and the most difficult choice of all, providing leadership where it is lacking.

With starting in the busy season this time, it was different; concrete, coatings, expansion joints. All kinds of different jobs. That's what drove me, problem solving through new scenarios, new environments, being thrown under the wing of senior technicians who would often, and sometimes loudly remind me "If i didn't ask you to help, and your touching something, you're not fucking helping!!!" By the time I'd learned what helping and not helping looked like some people took notice. I was being told, your in the wrong job. And they weren't wrong. But they also weren't management, so I stayed in the field absorbing every practical and useful piece of knowledge I could get. Knowing that one day, I'd get the promotion that put me into the job I was meant for. I eventually got the call up to middle management, but by that time it still wasn't enough of a challenge to keep me satisfied.


 Today, here we are with Miller & Co Concrete Solutions Inc. We're half-way into our first year officially, for an endeavor over 30 years in the making. In a growing market that's short of employees we've seen the shortcuts. The untrained employees, the jobs that sit on the books unscheduled because there's no one to do them. Contractors lose sight of their craft and start to focus on the numbers. We know the satisfaction doesn't come from the cheques we cash. That was the first lesson in all this, our reward comes from doing a good job for our clients, and for their structures. That's why we promise to go above and beyond industry standard. Honest recommendations, trained staff, and quality work. 

The goals we are setting right now are for long term growth. Good news travels fast and we want to be the best company possible so that we can help as many people as possible. We want our employees that come on board to feel the same, and give them a future. Utilize their strengths to fill a position that suites them, support them in improving their weak areas, and invest in them for the long term. So that they can in return, support and assist you, our clients. Our services and market areas reflect a diverse range because there's a problem we want to fix. We want to provide leadership to those who want to work hard, want to learn, and we want to see them for who they are. Give the next generation of workers the leadership we missed out on, place them in a position that matches their skills and personality. By offering variety, yes we can better serve our clients, but we can also better serve our employees.

Now that you know a bit more about us, hopefully you won't hesitate to call. Maybe you're not sure if we perform a service you need or if you'r in our service area. We want to help your structure get the care and attention it deserves regardless of scope or location. So reach out, lets brainstorm what you need. I guarantee a ten minute call will get better results than 10 minutes on a search engine. We look forward to working with you.


Kelvin Miller