Our Story

Our company is founded by experienced technicians Blair and Kelvin Miller; the father and son duo that have been performing concrete repair services for a combined 45+ years. With a passion for educating clients on the most economical repairs that will benefit their structures over time, our company was created to serve our clients with high quality work in a friendly and responsive manner.

We know the importance of getting the job done right the first time. We've seen parkades and other concrete structures haunted by ongoing leaks, coatings that wont stick and patches that fail far too early. With our industry knowledge and experience, we provide solutions that last.

Our goal is to utilize our hands on training with repairing some of the most difficult leaks, as well as our understanding of epoxy materials to repair cracks right the first time. All concrete will crack; but that's no reason to leave your underground parkade and other concrete structures moist, damp or leaking, with the potential for corrosion induced concrete delamination or efflorescence staining. If your looking to prevent delaminations with traffic deck coating installations or repair damage that has already been done, we are here to support you in any stage of your project.

We're here to help, big or small. On the floor, walls, or ceiling, confined space or work from heights. We'll fix the construction joint in your elevator pit that has gushing water in it and then head on up to the ceiling leak in the top floor penthouse suite. Cracks, construction joints, pipe penetrations, honeycombing or any other issues your concrete may have, we can take care of it; leaving your parkade dry with no more nuisance water or water stains on the cars parked inside. 

Servicing residential, commercial, industrial properties throughout BC with in house personnel and equipment or through our quality project management services. We're a one stop shop for all your concrete and coating needs, fast turn around on estimates and economical pricing.

See for yourself the difference a quality contractor can make on your property, contact us today.

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