Concrete driveways can be maintained by regularly pressure washing and sealing. Aggressive or frequent pressure washing can remove fine particles from the concrete, and increase the surface area for dirt and stains to attach to. Sealing however, can prevent damage from de-icing salts and reduce staining or organic growth, reducing the need to pressure wash as often. 

If your just looking to protect your concrete, a penetrating sealer is for you. If your looking to add a slight shine or "wet look" then a film-forming sealer is your best choice. If your driveway is extremely pitted, weathered and aged then a driveway resurfacing product may be necessary.

Acid staining or tinted sealers may even be considered if your looking for a more substantial change.

Often cracks or small chips are nothing to worry about, however if there is significant cracking it may lead to settling or heaving. Sealing cracks can prevent water underneath the slab from washing out sand or bedding materials. 


Asphalt Driveway? If that's the case you may need crack sealing or seal coating with a product designed specifically for asphalt.

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