Crawlspace maintenance is often an overlooked area. Usually, problems are found during the sale of a property. If something is found prior to a home inspection, it is usually a much bigger issue caused by excess moisture or water leaks below the home. This can lead to, mold, excess humidity/condensation, wood rot etc.  

Water and moisture can come from several areas;

  • Cracks in concrete foundation walls.

  • Construction joints at the wall/floor interface or between concrete pours.

  • Voids in the concrete due to wood or sawdust left during construction. The wood may swell, maintaining a water tight structure, but will eventually rot out leaving space for water to enter.

  • Groundwater coming up from the floor surface.

  • Gaps at penetrations for pipes or conduits.

Abbotsford Crawlspace Leak with Void and
Chilliwack Crawlspace Leak.jpg

The above items have two similarities. They can be eliminated by removing water from the area, and they can be eliminated by repairing or waterproofing the structure.

Sump pumps and clearing drainage lines can reduce the water in and around a crawlspace. However, in the event the drainage system or sump pump stop functioning as intended, the crawlspace problems will return!

By repairing the structure, a crawlspace can remain dry no matter what the state of  drainage or groundwater level is. This theory is similar to that used for larger below grade structures such as underground parkades. A general contractor will not be able to dig down 3, 4 stories or more to fix the membrane or the drainage. This is where sealing concrete defects from the inside works to ensure a totally dry interior. 

Some concrete repair techniques to use in a crawlspace include;

  • Epoxy injection to the concrete structure. 

  • Curtain wall injection to the floor slab or walls. 

  • Moisture mitigating coatings.

  • Crystalline waterproofing applications.

  • Caulking the exterior building envelope

  • Installing or repairing below grade waterproofing


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