Concrete repair

Moisture and de-icing salts can cause a wide variety of issues for a concrete structure. Repair scopes often include immediate remediation of the problem to get the structure back to its original state, as well as the addition of new coatings, waterproofing, or reinforcing to protect against future occurrences of deterioration.​


Below is an example of work that we offer however if in doubt email us at to see if we can assist with your unique situation.

  • Rout and Seal Crack Repair

  • Repair of Delaminations/Spalling

  • Trip Hazard Removal or Patching

  • Removal of Overhead Fall Hazards Due to Rebar Corrosion

  • Epoxy Flooring Installation and Repair

  • Traffic Deck Coating Installation and Repair

  • Trench Drain Repair and Waterproofing

  • Warehouse Floor Repair and Control Joint Sealant

  • Caulk Joint Replacement

  • Sealer Application

  • Elevator Pit Leak Repairs

  • Slab on Grade Replacement

    • (Driveways, Walkways etc)

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