Concrete repair

Moisture and de-icing salts can cause a wide variety of issues for a concrete structure. Repair scopes often include immediate remediation of the problem to get the structure back to its original state, as well as the addition of new coatings, waterproofing, or reinforcing to protect against future occurrences of deterioration.​

What are some of the concrete repair scopes we offer?

  • Repair of Delaminations/Spalling

  • Trip Hazard Removal or Patching

  • Removal of Overhead Fall Hazards Due to Rebar Corrosion

  • Rout and Seal Crack Repair

  • Epoxy Flooring Installation and Repair

  • Traffic Deck Coating Installation and Repair

  • Trench Drain Repair and Waterproofing

  • Warehouse Floor Repair and Control Joint Sealant

  • Caulk Joint Replacement

  • Sealer Application

  • Elevator Pit Leak Repairs

How to start a concrete repair project? Below are some of the steps taken to ensure client satisfaction during the repair process;

  1. A Miller & Co representative will come and visually asses the structure and provide budget pricing based on the site conditions and a few assumed conditions. This can be done at any time with the structure under normal operation.

  2. Approval of the rough budget will lead to a discussion that eliminates assumed conditions. Items such as phasing, priority work areas, and other general conditions will be sorted out.

  3. The work areas will be emptied and a chain drag survey performed. This will confirm or adjust the initial visual inspection quantities and provide a better idea of total project cost.

  4. After a chain drag survey the project may commence, depending on the budget this may happen immediately, or the information can be used to plan a future project.