Cannabis Facility

Whether your operation is in a new state of the art facility, or discretely in a older building, we have a concrete solution for you. From grow rooms to loading bays, repair and protect your structure to ensure a productive and problem free operation.


Repair and protect your concrete floors to maintain your operational objectives in a safe and clean manner. Localized repairs such as trip hazard removal or crack sealing, to installations of a full monolithic coating.

In addition to repairing your floor substrate, we can caulk and seal pipe penetrations, vertical joints or other possible sources for insects or rodents to enter into your facility.

Cannabis loves to grow in a warm, moist environment. However, so do other unwanted organics. Installing protective coatings will protect concrete from deterioration and maintain your product quality. A coating must be selected based on the expected chemicals it will come into contact with, and the existing moisture content of the concrete. Care must be taken into designing the coating system, to ensure low spots are leveled and coves are properly installed. By properly preparing the concrete surfaces, coatings will be free of sitting water and hazards. Coatings can further improve the illumination within your work areas by reflecting light off the floor and to the underside of plants.

See below for a thorough list of features that a coating can provide to your cannabis facility;

  • Seamless monolithic flooring surface to eliminate cracks, crevices, and prevent water/dirt buildup.

  • Impervious and non-porous to allow for easy cleaning and quick removal of chemical spills.

  • Improve slopes to drain surface water and eliminate pooling water.

  • Installation of perimeter coves to improving washing and sanitizing production.

  • Options for coatings resistant to thermal shock for steam-cleaning or hot water pressure washing.

  • Specialty coatings for primary and secondary chemical containment areas.

  • Multiple surface options for optimized traction and abrasion resistance, tailored to your operation.

  • Safety floor markings available in multiple colour options. Indicate to guests or employees safe walking areas or other traffic management. Create work zones for PPE, security, or other custom tailored requirements.

  • Rapid curing coatings available for fast turn around and limited down time.

  • Low odour or low/no VOC coatings can be applied to maintain operation in other areas of the facility during installation.

  • Assess and include moisture mitigating coatings where required to ensure new coatings do not bubble or peel.

  • Customize traction by varying aggregate, for slip resistance vs easy cleaning between growing areas and pedestrian areas.

In addition to coatings, we can help with;

  • Adding floor drains, trench drains, or other drainage improvements

  • Seal building envelope joints or cracks against moisture ingress.

  • Seal gaps and penetrations to prevent insects or other rodents entering the facility.

  • Repair impact damage in loading bays.

  • Provide traffic markings throughout the facility.

  • Install cementitious toppings and/or transitions for smoother operation of pallet jacks or forklifts.

  • Curb installations for containing and isolating wet areas or areas with chemical use.